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The IEP Boss

Tresha King Hattar has a passion for putting students first. She knows what is right for every level of student from PPCD to 18+ services. With 32 years of experience in the public school system ranging from para-professional through Special Education Administrator, she is your IEP Boss!

Her passion is assuring that students receive the appropriate services while attending school and are prepared for life after high school by creating post-secondary goals that are realistic and appropriate.


IEP - I Expect Progress

  • Are you concerned about your child's progress in school?  
  • Is your child receiving special education services or 504 services and you need help understanding the difference?
  • Do you believe your child needs an evaluation to determine if they have a disability and the school system has denied an evaluation?   
  • Do you feel the educational system is letting you down?  
  • Do you need someone to help you understand the Special Education Services process?
  • Do you need help taking the emotion out of the IEP/ARD meeting?


YOU are your child's best Advocate!

If you feel something is not right with your child's 504 or Special Education plan, reach out and get help.  I am here to guide you and advocate for your child. 

About Tresha King Hattar


Tresha King Hattar along with her 31 years of experience in the public school system also served on the TAVAC Board for eight years, most recently as president.  As president of TAVAC she would oversee the mission of the organization, which includes scholarships, professional development and continuing education for transition specialists throughout the state. Through organizing professional development conferences, she created the opportunity for networking to occur throughout the state.

As a Special Educational Administrator, Tresha worked with all levels of students and their parents from PPCD to 18+ Services.  Because of her presence at the IEP meetings, students received appropriate services in the appropriate setting. Preparing students for life after high school by creating realistic post-secondary goals and the plans to achieve them has been her passion for 15 years.  

In her spare time, Tresha enjoys time with her husband, Michael and son, Jordan and she is actively involved with youth in her church congregation.


My Journey

My desire was to work with at-risk students who didn’t fit into the traditional educational environment began as a paraprofessional working my way through college. Students fell through the cracks because how they learned was either not identified or honored.  Becoming a classroom teacher allow me to impact my students’ lives one by one. As the department chair at a high school campus AI helped classroom teachers teach in a way that met the individual needs of the students. Building rapport with parents became much easier when they knew that someone knew and cared about the education of their special needs child.

As the campus coordinator of an all level alternative school, my passion continued to ignite for at-risk students showing each one their value and worth was a dream come true.  Teachers, administrators and parents began to see what I saw in these students, an unlocked potential. No longer lost, no longer given up on, that’s what happens when students receive the appropriate services in the appropriate setting.  

I knew transitioning from the public school system into their community required much more thought and planning than anyone imagined.  Therefore, making that transition as smooth as possible has been the focus of my career for the last 14 years. Whether I was a vocational adjustment coordinator or a special education administrator on a district level, my goal was to provide students, teachers, and parents the tools to create a smooth post-secondary transition.

I retired from the public-school system in December of 2017 knowing I would continue my journey helping families and students, and this is how The IEP Boss was born.

Why does all this matter?  So, your child will get the equal education opportunity they deserve.  And so that every student that leaves public school has the opportunity to become a contributing member of their community regardless of their disability.  


Education and Experience



Batchlor's Degree in Political Science with a minor in Special Education

Master's Degrees in Educational Psychology & Principalship 


Para-professional - Worked with high school at-risk students in Brownsville, TX

Para-professional - worked with elementary students on their reading skills in Los Fresnos, Tx

Teacher - taught GED and ESL skills to adults - in Brownsville, TX

Teacher - taught severe & profound, resource math, inclusion math, was a Special Education Department Chair in Alief ISD

Campus Coordinator for DAEP in Alief ISD

Teacher - Special Education Department Chair, taught Life Skills & resource vocational skills, was a VAC  and Lead VAC in Fort Bend ISD

Administrator - Special Education district administrator in Fort Bend ISD

Special Education Advocate - advocate for children of all ages - from PPCD to 18+ services, and all levels 

What Clients Say


 “Tresha Hattar played an instrumental part of my son’s education. She made sure that he was doing what he needed to reach his goals. My son always felt comfortable speaking with Mrs. Hattar whether it was school related or whatever was happening in his life. He never felt that he was being judged. She provided the tools he needed to be successful and the encouragement that he could do whatever he decided to accomplish. Mrs. Hattar always put my son’s best interest first. He was lucky to have had her as his monitoring teacher and confidant. My husband and I are very appreciative to have had Mrs. Hattar in our son’s life.”


 “Our adult daughter recently attended Tresha‘s Fort Bend ISD retirement party and gave her the biggest hug of thanks. Tresha Hattar was our daughter’s monitoring teacher for her 4 years in high-school. Middle school had been challenging for our daughter so we didn’t know how we would get her through high school to graduation. Mrs. Hattar took our daughter’s IEP and was the professional who put it in action, conducted reviews that tweaked it to reach her full potential, and orchestrated the team for the best implementation. She has always advocated for students and parents and her expertise comes from teaching, consulting, and managing teams; therefore, Tresha will see ARDs and IEPs from all these perspectives to the benefit of your child.” 

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